About Stars & Catz

Our purpose: Make more music

If more people are benefiting from music and music is benefiting from more people, then everyone wins.


What is Stars & Catz?

Stars & Catz is your companion in learning music. Starting out, or expert, picking up and putting down or sprinting, we’re with you for the long haul. With great articles, tools, partner offers and an international network of lesson providers, we’ve got you covered.

The Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network is an international network of professional music teachers and music schools, supported by a small team of people who are dedicated to matching students with teachers.

(Hello from the team.)

Our teacher-matching service is free, and our network is a collective of top quality teachers who we’ve screened for experience and the relevant qualifications. You can be sure that when we’re looking for a teacher for you, we’re scanning the cream of the crop!

Stars & Catz was founded by Oliver Braithwaite (Oli), himself a singer/songwriter and music teacher. After many years teaching privately, Oli noticed that no one seemed to be looking after music students and teachers, all in one place, for the long haul. Before too long, Stars & Catz was born.

Our mission is to help anyone who wants to learn an instrument (or sing!) get learning, and to help good teachers be chock full with as many students as they can handle. We believe that learning should be fun, easy and fast. Could there be anything more satisfying than helping teachers overflow with students and students achieve their music dreams? We don’t think so.


* Why Stars & Catz? We wanted to find a fresh way to say ‘musicians’, and it seemed to us that every musician in history could be divided into either superstars or jazzy cats… the z was just for funk.