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Regarding Background Checks:


During our matching process, we rely on information provided to us by teachers and schools, all of whom we have directly spoken to regarding their relevant qualifications, experience, occupational circumstances and their style/genre preferences. We rely on their assurances and do not hold documentary confirmation. The teachers in our network run their own private businesses and are not employees of Stars & Catz. Prior to commencement of lessons we require all students (or their parent/guardian) to speak to the teacher or school to agree lessons dates/times etc and at that time a student can pursue any formalities that they require, such as requesting references, certification and the teacher’s child safety check ID.

PLEASE NOTE that we are not able to offer a character reference either to students concerning a teacher or, indeed, to teachers concerning a student. We are, however, able to cite the ID of child safety checks, for teachers who have provided them to us BUT THIS WILL NOT HAVE BEEN VALIDATED BY STARS & CATZ. In all circumstances, where the teaching of a minor is concerned, we recommend that a parent/guardian attend the first lesson (at least) in order to satisfy any concerns they may have. We also strongly suggest that each parent/guardian validates the teacher’s child safety check ID with the relevant authority and does not proceed with lessons unless the validation is successful.


Students or guardians of students acknowledge the following:


Any subsequent contact between teacher and student including the teaching of lessons is not monitored or controlled by Stars & Catz in any way.

Prior to recommending a teacher Stars & Catz will have conducted a process of inquiry as to suitability but makes no representation or warranty as to the conduct of the teacher.

Every teacher recommended by Stars & Catz is operating on their own account not as an employee or agent of Stars & Catz and therefore any cause of action against the teacher is a matter between the student and the teacher. Therefore whilst Stars & Catz introduces teachers to students in good faith it does not accept any responsibility for the conduct of teachers.




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