13 Printable Music Sheets, Chord Charts & Templates

Free chord charts and sheet music templates bannerThere are times when you can’t beat a good old sheet of paper.

This page was created for precisely those times.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for music lesson handouts or a student in need of free chord charts for your music folder, you’ve come to the right place.

On this page are 13 free music resource sheets for you to download and print as many times as you wish.

They range from a blank music staff (or stave if you’re from the UK) to charts showing every basic major and minor piano and guitar chord.

What are you waiting for? Download away!

1. Music Staff TemplateBlank Stave Sheet Template Image

Let’s start at the very beginning. Carte clanche. Pure potential.

This blank music staff template is perfect for:

  • Doing your homework
  • Teaching your next lesson
  • Composing your masterpiece

Both treble clef and bass clef are included.

The lines are slightly grey so that writing over them is easy, they’re also large, with good sized spacing because we know how hard things get when there’s no room to move.

Click here to download now.

2. Staff & Tablature TemplateBlank Stave & Tablature image

Sometimes you need to mix the old with the new.

That’s exactly what our blank music staff and tablature template does.

This printable sheet is ideal for:

  • Learning both types of notation at the same time
  • Teaching staff music to students who understand tablature
  • Providing students with both versions to make learning easier

The page contains four rows of staff and tablature together.

The lines are spaced fairly large to make writing and reading easy.

Click here to download now.

3. Tablature TemplateBlank Tablature image

These days, some good tablature and a sense of rhythm is all you need.

With this blank tablature template, we’re getting you off on the right foot.

This sheet can be used for:

  • Copying a melody from another source
  • Teaching tablature and songs
  • Quickly penning your latest hook

In fact, the possibilities are endless.

Click here to download now.

4. Piano Chord TemplatesBlank Piano Chord Templates image

With a few piano chords you can take on the world.

This blank piano chord template gives you room for more than a few.

Here’s some ideas for usage:

  • Draw chord progressions and build songs
  • Write up every chord in a key
  • Teach intervals and chord structure

Let’s face it, many of the most popular songs in history use the same five or six chords. You can fit all of those chords on one of our template sheets. Now that’s efficiency!

Click here to download now.

5. Guitar Chord TemplatesBlank Guitar Chord Templates image

There’s nothing like strumming a guitar. It’s the first thing you learn and it never gets old.

Before you can strum though, you need to know some chords. That’s where our blank guitar chord templates come in.

Here’s some ways to use them:

  • Use one template sheet per song for easy reference
  • Make a record of the most common chord progressions
  • Ask students to write out chords to memorise them

So, next time you need to write out the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift, you’ll be well prepared.

Click here to download now.

6. Guitar Basic Open Chord ChartsBasic open guitar chords image

OK, here it is, your ticket to realising a lifelong dream.

On this free printable sheet are chord charts of all the basic open guitar chords.

Here’s why this is an amazingly handy printout:

  • It’s the first thing you need as a beginner (aside from a guitar)
  • Thousands of legendary songs can be played with these chords
  • If you’re a teacher, avoid writing these chords out… yet again

Because we know teachers and we know students, we know you’ll love this sheet.

Click here to download now.

7. Guitar Basic Barre Chord ChartsBasic barre guitar chords image

You’ve got the open chords sorted. Now you’re ready to take on barre chords.

Our free basic barre chord charts show you the shapes you need to get rolling.

Here’s how this sheet can help you:

  • It shows you how to play every basic barre chord
  • Since it highlights how barre chords slide it’s great for teaching
  • This sheet added to the open chords sheet covers most popular songs

Let’s face it, you’re hand is likely to ache a bit when you start learning barre chords. Knowing that, we’ve created this sheet so that your head doesn’t have to ache as well.

Click here to download now.

8. Pentatonic Scale on Guitar ChartGuitar pentatonic scale sheet image

If you want to solo like Jimi or Eric you need to start with the pentatonic scale.

We’ve made it really easy for you with our clear and concise pentatonic scale on guitar sheet.

Here’s why you need this printout:

  • It’s super easy to read
  • It explains how to use both the major and the minor pentatonic scale
  • Teachers, we love your hand-drawn scales… but your handwriting needs work

After ten minutes of tinkering with the pentatonic scale you’ll be hooked for life. No matter what you do, you’ll sound great.

Click here to download now.

9. Blues Scale on Guitar ChartGuitar blues scale sheet image

So, you’ve mastered the pentatonic scale and think life doesn’t get much better?

Think again. Time for the blues scale!

This is what you get with our blues scale on guitar sheet:

  • The same easy-to-read layout as our pentatonic scale
  • It explains how to place the scale to the key
  • Comparing to our pentatonic scale sheet quickly shows the blue notes

There’s nothing cooler than a blue note thrown in at the right moment. That’s why this printout’s always a hit with both students and teachers.

Click here to download now.

10. Major Scale on Guitar ChartGuitar major scale sheet image

To get that happy, pure sound, you can’t beat a major scale.

With our major scale on guitar sheet you can ‘do re mi fa so’ to your heart’s content.

Here’s some ideas for use:

  • Learn to play those sweet major scale solos
  • Show how the notes on a guitar correlate to those on a keyboard
  • Teach singing scales on guitar rather than needing a piano

No guitar education is complete without the major scale. It’s the key (excuse the pun) to understanding how a lot of music fits together and is an invaluable tool in any musician’s belt.

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11. Natural Minor Scale on Guitar ChartGuitar natural minor scale sheet image

This scale is great. As soon as you starting playing in a natural minor (normally just called ‘minor’) key, your music will sound emotive, deep and often quite dark.

Our natural minor scale on guitar sheet brings you this very potent sound.

Here’s some ways to use it:

  • Start improvising over songs in minor keys (there are a lot!)
  • Notice how the pentatic scale fits into the natural minor scale
  • Use the natural minor scale to build on the pentatonic and widen possibilities

The natural minor scale is a staple of every genre of music. From rock, to reggae to classical, this scale is one of the most versatile around.

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12. Piano Major Chord Charts (2 sheets)Major piano chords sheet image

When students say to us that they want to play songs on piano as quickly as possible, we smile and nod.

Then we pass them our major piano chord charts sheets.

Here’s why:

  • Major chords are easy shapes to make and remember
  • Three inversions of each chord are included in the charts
  • After student’s have played their first major chord, they’re hooked for life

Major chords and pianos are a match made in heaven. That’s why so many great contemporary songs begin with nothing but a major chord on a grand piano. Some things just can’t be improved.

Click here to download now.

13. Piano Minor Chord Charts (2 sheets)Minor piano chords sheet image

Minor chords are stuff of life. They add depth to love songs, conviction to stadium athems and darkness to concept albums.

That’s why share these piano minor chord charts along with a warning: use them wisely, for they hold great power.

That said, here’s some reasons why these charts are great:

  • They’re easy to read and to compare to one another
  • All the minor chords (and inversions) fit nicely onto two concise sheets
  • Minor chords are the night of the major chords’ day, balance requires both

Coupled with the piano major chord charts, these two sheets make for weeks of learning, years of mastering and an infinity of writing. That’s a lot to get for free!

Click here to download now.


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