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How it works

  • Set BPN – You can set the BPN (beats per minute or tempo) using the up and down arrows.
  • Tap BPN – By clicking the word ‘TAP’ at the tempo you desire, the metronome will change the BPM to match your tempo.
  • First Beat – A bell sound will be played on the first beat of each bar, by clicking on the bell symbol you can switch this sound off.
  • Time Signature – The time signature of the metronome can be changed by clicking on the time signature (below the note symbol).
  • On/Off – Finally, the most important feature of all… it can be switched on and off using the power button on the right edge.
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Playing your instrument to this online metronome is the perfect way to master the vital skill of playing in time.

Anyone who’s tried to record to a click track, play with a band or perform in an orchestra will tell you that keeping time is one of the most important abilities of any musician.

Put simply, playing in time is what enables musicians to play together.

Our metronome works on your mobile, tablet and desktop, so it’s super handy.

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    2 thoughts on “Free Online Metronome”

    1. al says:

      it would be nice to have more options, there isn’t the 5/8 time signature I need

    2. Oli Braithwaite says:

      Hi Al – thanks for your comment. If you click the bell the first beat sound will become the same as the other beats. This means all you need to do is pick the tempo you want and it will work for any time signature. The first beat sound (bell symbol) currently supports time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8.

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