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Our free basic chord dictionary is a great place for beginners on ukulele and guitar to start.

All the basic chords are included and they’re organised in a straightforward way.

The chord dictionary works for both right and left-handed instruments and can be accessed on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

You can group the chords by their root note, or by family. Alternatively, you can input your own chord progression and you’ll be shown the matching chord charts in the correct order, very handy for learning songs!

Understanding chord charts

Since this is for beginners, we’re going to give you some basic tips to get you started with this dictionary:

Hold your instrument vertically by the neck so it hangs in front of you with the strings facing you, head at the top and body at the bottom. Your instrument is now in the same position as the chord charts.

Elements of the chord charts:Guitar and ukulele chord charts

  • The vertical lines are the strings and the horizontal lines are the frets
  • The notes written above each string show you the note that will be played
  • A cross instead of a note above a string tells you not to play that string at all.
  • The dots show you where to put your fingers to make each chord. To reinforce this, the numbers underneath the strings are the fret number that will be held down.

For more instructions on how to use these chord charts, continue to read below the dictionary.

Chords by Root Note


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Chords by Family


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Create A Chord Progression

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Where to start?

If you’re an absolute beginner then the best place to start with chords is to go to the ‘Chords by family‘ version of the dictionary and then go through each of the open chords for the major and minor families.

You can distinguish the open chords from the (more difficult) barre chords because they do not have a line connecting two dots together (that line denotes a finger holding down an entire fret… tricky).

Finding chords quickly

When you need to find a chord asap click ‘Chords by root note‘ and input the root note (the letter contained in the chord name) that you want, then look through the chord variations for the chord you need.

This dictionary is only for basic chords and is therefore not comprehensive. The chord variations included are: Major, Minor, Seven, Sus2, Sus4 and diminished. For a more comprehensive guitar chord finder click here.

Using this chord dictionary to learn songs

Let’s say that you have a song that you’d love to be able to play but you don’t know what shapes (chords) to make on the guitar or ukulele. Simply input the chord sequence into the ‘Create a chord progression‘ version of the dictionary and you’ll be shown the chord charts for the song in the right sequence. Easy.

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