Free backing tracks to practice improvisation

Free online backing tracks bannerThere’s nothing like the feeling of improvising a solo, whether it’s with live musicians or to backing tracks.

All you need are a few scales under your belt and you’re away.

These free backing tracks loop for half an hour, so you won’t be forced to stop just when you’re getting in the zone.

We used YouTube so they work on mobiles, tablets and desktops enabling you to jam no matter where you are.

Lastly, we’ve listed the key of each track in the title of the video to make things super easy and provided notes on how to position basic scales on guitar to help beginners of that instrument.

Scale placement on guitar

If you’re not familiar with the pentatonic or blues scales, check out these chords and scales templates downloads.

  • Key of A – Guitar: pentatonic and blues scale starting on 5th fret, top string.
  • Key of E – Guitar: pentatonic and blues scale starting open on the top string or 12th fret on the top string.
  • Key of D – Guitar: pentatonic and blues scale starting on 10th fret, top string.


    1. Daina says:

      Hi! I really have enjoyed playing along with your shuffle feel, and will definitely be back to play with the others! Especially the cool jazz one – enjoyed scatting over that!! Great stuff – Thank you!!! 😀

    2. Oli Braithwaite says:

      Great to hear Daina. Thanks for commenting.

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