Free Backing Tracks To Practice Improvisation

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There’s nothing like the feeling of improvising a solo, whether it’s with live musicians or to backing tracks.

All you need is a few scales under your belt and you’re ready to take the plunge.

These free backing tracks loop once they reach the end, so you won’t be forced to stop just when you’re getting in the zone.

They also work on mobiles, tablets and desktops so you’re ready to jam no matter where you are.

We’ve listed the key of each track as well as the genres to make things super easy.

Whether you’re learning the guitar and have just been taught the pentatonic scale or blues scale, or you’re an advanced saxophone player who needs to warm up for tonight’s get together at the jazz club, these tracks are just the ticket.

Key of A


Key of A – Blue Ice


Key of A – Rock That Blues

Blues Rock

Key of A – Rolling Blues

Shuffle Blues

Key of A – Shuffle Blues

Key of E

Surfy Blues

Key of E – Surfy Blues


Key of E – Cool Jazz

Key of D


Key of D – Minimal Blues

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