Free Online Music Education Tools

Free Music Education Tools and ResourcesWelcome to our suite of music education tools and resources.

The entire suite is free to use and designed to be mobile-friendly.

We believe that having free, easy access to quality tools and information is the right of every music student and musician.

That’s why we don’t hide these resources behind a ‘members-only’ area.

May they serve you well!

Piano Chord FinderFree piano chord finder banner

The easiest and fastest tool to find the chord you’re looking for on the piano or keyboard.

Our free online piano chord dictionary is mobile-friendly.

  • Want all the major and minor chords?
  • Need to see multiple inversions of each chord?
  • Want just about every chord variation known to man?
  • Need to visualise notes on the keyboard?

Our piano chord finder covers all bases. Click here.

Ukulele & Guitar Chord Finder (basic)Ukulele and guitar chord finder banner

This tool is the ideal starting place a beginner to the ukulele or guitar. Simple chord charts including:

  • Chords by root note
  • Chords by family
  • Chord progression builder
  • Flip the charts for left-handed views

Start strumming your first chords today, click here.

Guitar Chord Finder (comprehensive)Guitar chord finder image

A huge guitar chord dictionary at your fingertips presented with an uncluttered, clean design.

  • Common chords list
  • Virtually every chord type by family
  • Right or left-handed (or even upside down!)

The perfect tool for those tricky songs you love. Click here.

Backing Tracks To Jam Along WithFree online backing tracks banner

Great sounding tracks which make your improvisation practice a load of fun.

The tracks loop so you won’t be constantly stopping to press play.

  • Rock, blues and jazz tracks
  • Keys of A, E and D
  • Real instruments (not a synthesizer in sight)
  • Works on both desktops and mobiles

Now you can improvise solos anywhere, anytime! Click here.

Basic Guitar Video LessonsFree online video guitar lessons for beginners - banner

Can’t wait to get started on guitar?

We’ve got you covered…

What are you waiting for?

  • Multiple free lessons
  • Two of the world’s top video lessons providers
  • Hours of free learning
  • Loads of fun

These are quite simply the best free lessons on the internet. Click here.

eBook – Smart Practice for AdultsSmart Practice: Strategies & Tips for Adult Learners (free eBook) Image

Being a network with thousands of professional teachers, we know a thing or two about practice.

Once you know the tips and tricks that really help, you’re ahead from day one.

In this eBook, we lay it all out for you.

  • What you need to know
  • How to approach practice to win
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • How to utilise the ‘tipping point’ principle

Don’t start practicing without it! Click here.

Kids + Practice: Making It EasyKids + Practice: Making It Easy (free eBook) Image

Parents… we get it.

How do you give your child every chance to succeed with their instrument or voice?

What ways can you make a real difference to the outcome?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’ve included in this eBook.

  • What your role is
  • Top tips for success
  • How to give your child the best set up
  • What they really need from you

Become a super music parent today, click here.

242 Inspirational Music Quote ImagesInspirational Music Quotes Image

Sometimes words of wisdom can give you that little boost which keeps you on track.

We understand.

That’s why we spent many (so many) hours curating the best music quotes in history and lovingly placing them in shareable images.

  • Best music quote images around
  • Hand curated and verified
  • Easy to share on social (come on… share the love)
  • Classical and contemporary categories

So next time you need inspiration, or to inspire someone else, just click here.

13 Printable Music Sheets13 Printable Music Sheets, Chord Charts & Templates Image

You love your devices but you also want a good, old fashioned music folder with all your chords, scales and songs in it.

We feel the same.

So we went ahead and created 13 printable sheets to get your music folder off to a flying start. Included are:

  • Blank staff and tablature templates
  • Blank chord charts for guitar and piano
  • Open and barre chord charts for guitar
  • Major and minor chord charts for piano
  • Pentatonic, blues, major and minor scales for guitar

These are high-quality learning sheets provided 100% free. Click here.


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