Free video guitar lessons

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Through our partnership with two of the internet’s top video guitar lessons sites, Jamplay and Guitar Tricks, we’re able to offer you hours of free video lessons.

There’s enough learning here, without becoming a full member of either site, to keep you busy for weeks.

Online video guitar lessons can be a great answer to your guitar tuition needs, depending factors such as budget, the way you like to learn and your genre of music.

For some adults, videos of teachers taking you through the tuition is enough, while others need a little extra, more tailored help. It just depends on how you learn.

We hope you enjoy these free guitar lessons and that they help you on your way to guitar mastery!



Guitar Tricks


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At Stars & Catz, we’re ‘cards on the table’ type people. That’s why we’re letting you know here that, due to our partnerships with Jamplay and Guitar Tricks, we do earn a commission if you decide to become a paid member of their site after visiting it through the links on this page.